16 Delightfully Lip-Puckering Lemonade Recipes

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I absolutely love how refreshing lemonade is, it doesn’t matter when or where you can’t go wrong. What’s even better is that there are many different lemonade recipes out there with some truly delicious varieties.  I’ve gathered 16 lemonade recipes with sure to make your lips pucker with delight.

16 Tempting and Delicious Lemonade Recipes

1. Starting out with my favorite, this Strawberry Lemonade looks so refreshing.

2. I have not tried Brazilian Lemonade before, but I can’t wait to now. This looks amazing.

3. Give your Lemonade a healthy twist with this Green Lemonade.

4. You can’t go wrong with this Hawaiian Lemonade. All the extra flavors sound wonderful.

5. Who knew Lemonade could look so pretty? I can’t wait to give this Lavender Lemonade a try.

6. I am a big fan of Mint Lemonade. It is so refreshing and yummy.

7. Cucumber Lemonade is not something that I would have thought about but it sounds pretty good.

8. Such a classic, you can’t go wrong with this Homemade Pink Lemonade.

9. Oh My! This Frozen Mango Lemonade is to die for!

10. Beat…

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