3 Ways to Perfect a Side Braid

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Hello, Savanah of Bold Beautiful Life here again! Today I want to show you 3 ways to perfect a side braid.  Side braids are my go-to especially when I don’t have time to curl everything, or when my hair is not super clean.  Dirty hair actually gives my braids more texture and makes them easier to loosen without falling apart.  Play around with the different textures in your hair!

I love side braids! I like to mix and match them, so that is why I am showing you three different ways to do them.  You can wear them as I show in the video, or switch it up by doing half of one, and half of another.  Put your own spin on it!

The first side braid I’ll be showing is a pull through braid.  It is great for shorter hair, or hair with lots of layers.  The hair ties are all along it, so they help keep stray hairs in place.  It is also a perfect style for a workout, or active day.  I use it on my daughters hair and it still looks great at the end of the day!

The second side braid is a dutch braid.  I chose to show the dutch braid because it stands out so much.  I…

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