5 Must-Follow Steps to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Carpets are a beautiful addition to pretty much any living space. They make a room look better by simply being there, adding some exotic sense to the interior. Also carpeting keeps your feet warm during the cold months of the year.

However, carpets are also a big problem when it comes to keeping a clean and healthy home environment as they are one of the biggest dust collectors. If not maintained and vacuumed regularly, they may threaten your and your family’s health. So, here are five steps you can follow to keep your carpets perfectly clean and prolong their life as well.

#1. Prevention
Keep in mind that prevention is the key – it is always best to prevent a disaster than dealing with the consequences. Here are a few useful tips. Shoes off! Make your home a shoe-free zone! Place good quality welcome mats at the front door of your home. Also, ask your guests nicely to take their shoes and leave them at the door – offer them a pair of cozy slippers in return. This way, your guests won’t spread dirt in your home with their filthy footwear.

#2. Your Carpet Loves to be Vacuum Cleaned
Vacuum clean your carpets regularly – don’t allow for dirt and dust to accumulate! Vacuum at least twice a week and consider using a carpet sweeper in between times to gather any dust bunnies and accumulated dirt.

#3. Tackle Accidental Stains and Spills
As soon as you notice a spill, reach for whatever you have at hand and mop up! Deal with spills immediately – we can’t stress enough how…

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