5 Writing Strategies Every Fundraiser Should Master in 2018

5 Writing Strategies every Fundraiser should Master in 2018

A charity organization can find a lot of value in having strong writing tools to be able to write captivating stories that can resonate with the audience. Writing for fundraising needs some principles if applied effectively can improve the writing. Here are writing strategies that fundraiser can apply:-

1. Writing Donor-centered material

Donor-centered fundraising writing means you build the whole content around the donors, which will require you to get to know and study them. One of the best ways to research your donor is to create ‘audience profile’, also called ‘audience persona’. Audience profile is categorizing of your audience and creating a persona that you can cater to. It does not have to be based any single person but could be able to represent the majority of your audience. It can really help you in writing a target oriented material.

2. How to write

Writing for a fundraiser means you are going to share a story. Pay attention to the appeal of the story, the goals, and values of your donors, emotional aspects to make the story as personal as you can. One the best strategy you can use is using their own words in your article. When you mirror people’s language they are able to see themselves in your story and connect to what you want to say. Try keeping a list of words and phrases your audience use.

3. Urgency and ease

How do you create urgency in your writing to compel people to respond quicker? You can give deadline challenges like a gift match or tie it to an event. Use the current events to tie your fundraiser to create urgency and create a deadline-driven appeal. You have to weave the urgency in between your appeal; you can’t depend just upon your call to action.

Another important thing is the ease. Keeping appeal short and precise makes it likable as it’s easier to read. Also, keep your words and sentences short, and also your paragraphs to create an appealing layout.

4. Dealing with writer’s block

Writer’s block can sometimes plague the writers. At times like these, you should try speaking out what is your head. Sometimes oral words can get your creative juice flowing. Also, try to change the environment you are in, it can lead to new a mood and new inspirations.

Try to learn from your fellow writers. Getting other people’s perspective and their method of working can reveal a lot that can make the writing process more interesting.

5. Be conscious

When you are writing with a conscious mind you inherently have an insight and care to deliver truth in the simplest way that you can. You get to throw light on your reader and that is all that is worth everything. If you can show them the truth and relate the understanding of the world around them they will get connected to your organization’s mission.

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