8 Pioneer Lifestyles You Can Adopt To Be Happier and Healthier

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Over 175 years ago, pioneers migrated west to settle what would now become booming metropolis cities. Today we live in air-conditioned homes, buy our supermarket milk in gallon jugs, and order anything we could possibly dream of with the click of a button and have it magically appear two days later at our doorstep.

We live in blessed times. But do you ever wonder if you could have made it as a pioneer? Actually, those hard-working men and women were doing so many things right. Here are eight pioneer lifestyles that you can adopt to become happier and healthier too.

1. More home cooking

Pioneers didn’t have a Taco Bell they could pull their horse and wagon up to after a long day’s work. They had to rely on home cooking which added more vitamins and nutrients to their diets and cut out genetically modified and overly-processed foods. No wonder they were so healthy!

2. Use what’s in your pantry.

One main rule of homesteading is use what’s in your pantry. The “waste not, want not” mentality of pioneers is something we could all improve upon. Learning how…

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