9 Surprising Ways You Can Boost Your Child’s IQ

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We all want our kid to be the smarty pants in class. Heck, we’re even crossing our fingers for that academic, full-ride scholarship down the line. But did you know there are things you can do to boost your child’s IQ? It’s true.

Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, is a measurement of human intelligence given in the form of a score (or number) via several standardized tests. First established in 1912, many critics question if the IQ test is a valid measure of intelligence. Some parenting experts have begun introducing a new definition of IQ as “Imagination Quotient,” aka the “other IQ.” Both imagination and intelligence are an important part of child development and if you want to boost your kiddo’s IQ (both intelligence and imagination), here’s a good place to start!

1. Avoid battery-operated toys.

High tech toys aren’t necessarily better for brain development. The University of Washington conducted a study in Seattle that found playing with blocks may help with childhood cognitive development.

A lot of high-tech, electronic toys market themselves…

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