Acquire In – Depth Knowledge On The Adrenals Of Human Beings

Among the various glands in human bodies, the adrenal glands are one of them. These are a set of two glands sitting on top of the kidneys, and are responsible for releasing various hormones. The hormones released by them are helpful in proper and crucial functioning of the body. These are the glands that are responsible for secreting the hormone adrenaline. The function of the hormone is to rapidly prepare the body to spring into action during a stressful situation. Apart from that, these glands contribute to your health even when the body is not under any stress. They release hormones that are vital for human beings to live.

Releasing Essential Hormones:

It is important to note that there are two distinct parts of the adrenal glands, and they have different roles to play. The hormones produced by them are also different and have different functions. Hormones produced by adrenal cortex are vital for life, and the production of these hormones is triggered by the pituitary gland, hypothalamus and the kidney. Corticosteroid hormones are produced by these glands that work to regulate the immune response and suppress the inflammatory reactions. Cortisol is another hormone produced to regulate blood pressure, cardiovascular function and lot of other health functions.

Multi-Functional Role:

The sex hormones are also produced by the adrenals in a small amount, and their impact is overshadowed by the greater amounts of hormones. It can be seen that these glands play multi-functional role in the entire endocrine system of the human bodies. They maintain many internal processes right from metabolism to stress response. However, there are some disorders that might affect these glands and their functioning, as a whole. One of them is adrenal fatigue. Though conventional medical science does not believe in the existence of this disease, alternative medical approaches gives emphasis on this condition.

Overview Of The Syndrome:

The adrenals are responsible for releasing stress hormones in order to help human beings cope up with stress. However, over time, the ability of the gland to produce excess cortisol declines because of the constant high level of production. Consequently, the functioning of the gland is lowered resulting in lots of symptoms in human beings. Most of the symptoms are common with other disorders due to which they often go unnoticed. At the same time, the condition might also occur from several causes apart from just stress. Alternative medical practitioners make use of saliva and urine tests to diagnose the severity of the condition.

Negative Effects Of The Syndrome:

In most cases, symptoms are unnoticed and a single diagnosis is often not sufficient to detect the condition. Consequently, in the course of time, it can create a tremendous impact on the life of the sufferer. In extreme cases, the condition can be so bad that the sufferer is able to stay awake and move about only for couple of hours a day. Changes occur in the level of fat metabolism, protein and immune levels. As a result, the electrolyte balance is affected weakening the heart, sex drive and muscular system.

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