An Organized House | What It Looks Like and How to Get There

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Unfortunately, this organized house I speak of is not my house. This is my dream house—the one I strive to have. Right now, with all of the kids home for the summer, my house looks like a yard sale inside the house.

Having a highly efficient, organized house is what most of us aspire to. And while we may be far from it, here are a few great ideas to get you on the right path to utter organization.

The Secrets to Having an Organized House

 1. A regular routine is in place.

Whether you employ the simple yet effective notebook system, use a day planner, or live your life by Google calendar…the key to daily organization lies in having a daily routine, a weekly plan, and organizing all of your to-dos in one place.

I love Kathryn’s system of using one inexpensive notebook to organize her entire life. Check out how she does it here.

2. Kids do chores, every day.

Plain and simple, if you’ve got kids who can help, put them to work. Not only will this help keep your house clean and organized, but it teaches them the importance of the concept. I love this chore…

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