Deep Cleaning Hacks You’ll Actually Use

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Everything on my Pinterest and Facebook feeds say it’s time for deep cleaning.  But everything in my life–work deadlines, kids to run every which way, time-sensitive errands, and three meals a day to make–every single thing in my life tells me it’s NOT the time for deep cleaning.

If you’re busy, busy, busy too, and don’t have hours to spend in deep-cleaning mode, try the busy girl’s guide to deep cleaning.  These are five hacks that you’ll actually use to hopefully cut your deep cleaning time in half!

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Deep Cleaning

I’m basing these five hacks on the biggest trouble areas I have in my house; areas that I never seem to get to from lack of time.

Trouble Area 1: Hard Water Stains on Fixtures

All cleaning should be like this–just treat and leave.  Intended to get hard water stains off of shower heads, this method rocks for busy girls like you and me.  Simply fill a zip top bag with vinegar, immerse your shower head, tie the bag, and wait an hour.  No scrubbing needed!  Now that’s my kind of deep cleaning!


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