Easy Lunch Box Ideas with Healthy Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat

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Easy Lunch Box Ideas for Healthy Lunches Kids Will Love

I dread making lunches for my kids’ lunch boxes. I struggle to find easy lunch box ideas. Dinners I can do, but for some reason, lunch is hard for me. If it is not a sandwich – I’m out. And what about all those veggies and fruit I would love for my kids to be eating? A lot of time I get overwhelmed and just give in to school lunch. But this year I want to change. I want to send my kids to school with healthy lunches that they will actually eat. I went on a quest to find ideas and products I would need to help me succeed and I want to share them with you – maybe you will find they will work for you too.

#1 What to pack?

I am in a sandwich rut. PB&J anyone? I needed some serious ideas on what to pack and I wanted them to be healthy. I found this book on Amazon that had awesome reviews so I ordered it – LOVE it!

It has SO many great ideas and recipes for easy lunch box ideas. The thing I really love is it doesn’t just have recipes, she also gives great ideas on how to expand her lunch box ideas for…

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