Empty Your Brain to Save Your Live

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And, if your brain is anything like mine, it can only access a small portion of that information on demand. What was the name of that book I wanted to check out? I don’t know, but my hair dresser’s son’s name is Martin. When too much is going on in your head, it’s very difficult to keep track of the important things. I suggest you empty your brain to save your life.

This is your brain.

Here is your brain overflowing with information you can’t keep track of.


Eventually, your brain will explode.

Before this happens, dump your brain out into a bucket. My favorite buckets are a notebook I keep in my purse, my digital calendar, and Microsoft OneNote that keeps all my thoughts organized and syncs automatically between my PC, iPad and cell phone.

The buckets hold your thoughts, information, and ideas until you need them again. In the meantime, your brain can stay happy, calm, and clear. Your brain can be at peace.

What do I mean by everything? Ev-er-y-thing. If you suspect you’ll ever need the information again, write it down. Below is a list of a…

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