Healthy Snacks for Kids | 40 Delicious Healthy Snack Ideas

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Whether it’s after school or on the weekends, we’re always on the lookout at this house for some easy and healthy snacks for kids. How about you?  Here are 40 amazing ideas that should help us all out!  I know my kids are seriously going to drool over these ideas.

Healthy Snacks for Kids that Everyone Will Love

1.  Fruit Kabobs.  A great healthy snack, that is simply irresistible!

2.  Frozen Yogurt Pops! Those look yummy enough for me to eat!

3. Apple and Grape Car Snacks.  I can pretty much guarantee this snack will be eaten! So fun!

4. Butterfly Snack Bags. These will fly off the cookie sheet they will be so popular!

5 – 7. 3 Great Easy On the Go Snack Mix Recipes. Includes tips on how to prepackage them!

8.  No-Bake Energy Bites. Super healthy and convenient!

9.  Easy Apple Chips.  Love how simple this healthy snack for kids is.

 10. Did you know it is so easy to make your own Fruit Leather?  I’ve got to make this for the kids! They will love it!

 11.  Frozen Chocolate Bananas.  Takes a little time to freeze it, so plan ahead, but…

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