How To Improve Your Golf Game

There are now many different ways and theories to improve your golf game the fast way. If you are willing to put in some work and practice time the rewards can be gratifying. It has been said, that the better you are at something the more you will enjoy it. I am going to discuss a few ideas that will make you a better golfer. All of these ideas are very easy to do, but take some effort to be disciplined enough to actually do them.

100 Swings Per Day

Any golfer who wants to get better needs to be swinging a golf club. There are many benefits to swinging, but the biggest has to do with muscle memory and muscle strength. Once you implement a plan to swing a club (with or without a ball) you will start seeing results almost immediately. Many people have used this technique and seen results in as little as a day. Your muscles will become stronger by repeating a motion that may be unnatural to most of us. It also will improve muscle memory so the next time you are on the course you won’t need as many swing thoughts!


Focus on your Grip, Posture, and Stance (GPS) to improve quickly. There are numerous ways to hold a golf club, but overlapping and interlocking are by far the most effective, and have proven to be the most consistent. Every professional golfer uses one or the other. A few other things about the grip. Make sure it’s not too strong or too weak and also ensure your fingers are gripping the club too tight. It has been said that you should hold the club in the fingers with the lightest of pressure.

Posture is also very important. Many golfers bend over very far which doesn’t allow them to get the club through the zone with the correct swing plane. This often time will lead to poor shots and bad mishits. It is important to look like an athlete. That means knees are slightly bent, bent over from the waist (not the back), and the back is straight as it can be.

Finally, stance is every crucial in improving a golf game. If the stance is too open, too closed, off line in any way, it can dramatically reduce the ability for that golfer to hit a ball square. The easiest way to test alignment is too put a club across your thighs and see where the club is pointing. Although it can become more complex based on swing plane, this is a good way to start checking alignment instantly.


Its sounds so elementary and easy to say that someone should focus and this will almost automatically improve their golf game, but it’s true. Every shot (even the 1 foot par putts) need to have all of your focus at that moment. Golf is a game based on mental fortitude and the ability to block out everything around a golfer will instantly improve performance. A perfect example is Tiger Woods. He was at the top of his game before the world knew about his transgressions. He had the ability to block everything out because nobody knew about it. Compare that to the Tiger of today and you can see his ability to focus has been dramatically effected by his off-the-course life.

Although these concepts are quite simple in appearance, they will go a long way in improving your golf game. Swing 100 times a day, it will add to muscle memory and strength. Concentrate on your GPS (grip, posture, stance) before every shot. You will be able to align correctly, and put the club on better plane. Finally, focus on every single shot. It’s a lot harder to do than it sounds, but will definitely improve your performance on the golf course.

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