How to Make a Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich at Home

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So there I was, riding my moped through the Vietnamese countryside, watching women in conical hats work the patties as we cruised towards the beautiful white sands of the coast. Okay, no worries, you don’t have to hate me. The real story is that I was perusing the Sunday paper and stumbled upon a curious recipe for a sandwich I’d never heard of.   Take one bite of this Banh Mi sandwich and you’ll be transported to another world.  Banh Mi sandwiches are a staple in Vietnam and it isn’t hard to see why.  I like to call it “adventure in a bun.”  But don’t get scared.  Just stay with me.  The ingredients are all familiar, just a novel combination.

What You Need to Make a Banh Mi Sandwich at Home

I may have lost some of you already but if you can get past this part I know you’re through to the end.  Here are the three ingredients you’ll be adding to your collection.  You’ll find them all on the top shelf of the Asian/International section for your grocery store.  Even Wal-mart has them, so no excuses.  Sriracha sauce (the one with the…

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