Know The Impact That Social Networking Has On Our Teenagers

1. Technology and internet:

The internet has certainly made our lives a lot easier than they would have been had there been no internet. These days we can’t even imagine living without our smart phones and our internet connection; such has become the importance of technology and the internet. In the past people would have to go distances just to convey their messages to their loved ones; they had to walk miles to be able to buy something from the market and if something in their house broke, they would have no idea how to get it fixed if the telephone directory didn’t have the necessary numbers. Now we know that everything can be attained by just making a few clicks on the internet, and it’s easy-peasy, if nothing else. You can order a pizza or even a plumber from the comfort of your sofa these days and really what would we do without the internet? It’s become an addiction for some of us, especially the teenagers with increased usage. They say that excess of everything is un-desirable and the case is similar here. Internet where has so many merits, there are however some demerits as well that always remain concealed because nobody considers it wise to debate on these matters, but we should be debating; read on.

2. The impact of social media:

Students these days have made it a habit to always go online and surf the internet endlessly without any motive. This has become the best way to pass their time apparently and it’s nothing but a shame. What happens is that they spend all of their time socializing and writing gibberish online and when it comes to getting their homework done, they just find the best essay writers ever online who can help them with their professionalism and insight. It’s a tragic sight indeed to see the teenagers somehow make their way out of an abyss that they formerly pushed themselves in. Students are not pragmatic and are definitely not prudent and for them it’s not different if they do their work themselves or just copy it from a friend. It’s however something that should be a worrying sign for the parents.

3. Conclusion:

To conclude, we can say that however important the internet might be in our lives and however good the social networks are in bridging the distances between the friends and family, it’s not wise to buy your children smartphones at tender ages and allow them to engage in tasks that they shouldn’t.

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