Octane Blog – The official blog of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became Director

It was a dream-come-true for me to start a business of my own. However, running and managing a business was a whole new ball game for me.

There’s little to prepare you for life as a business owner or entrepreneur, but there are a few lessons that I wish someone had shared with me early on.

1. Take risks in adopting new strategies

I used to follow strategies that were in place at my prior workplace because I was so scared of failing or losing.

Guess what? When I finally stopped worrying about the consequences and started implementing and optimizing my own strategy, I overcame my fear and discovered new opportunities.

2. Face your weakness and make it into your strength

I found it hard to express myself in person. This made me avoid interacting directly with my employees—which made it hard to connect with them and create a team atmosphere. When I finally faced my weakness and started talking more with team members, I could better manage my staff and improved my ability to communicate my mission and goals.

3. Don’t overlook the importance of gaining knowledge from successful entrepreneurs

I was always careful to distance myself from competitors, and I didn’t think other business owners could teach me anything about my industry. But I reached a point where I could see my business running, but not growing. This is when I started following entrepreneurs from other industries.

Regardless of what their product or service was, these entrepreneurs taught me…

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