Root Canal Treatment To Save Your Natural Tooth

Taking good care of your teeth could help them last for a long time. Brushing twice daily, flossing, and seeing your dentist for regular check-ups are ways you can maintain good oral health. There are times, however, when infections attack the teeth and create diseases which necessitate the need for extraction. Well, you get your teeth pulled once in a while, but why not consider seeking treatments that could help save them? Nothing beats the original tooth, after all. Why not try methods that could restore your teeth into good health without getting them extracted?

When a tooth is cracked or has decay, bacteria can enter the pulp. The pulp is a collection of blood vessels in the center of the tooth. Pulp infection can lead to death of the tooth, and could cause toothache, swelling, or abscesses. A root canal treatment, or a root canal, is done by cleaning the tooth’s canals to rid it of decay and restoring it afterwards. This is usually done by endodontists, and requires a dentist who has undertaken several years of specialized training in saving teeth

A dental X-ray will be performed to check the state of the tooth. After it has been anesthesized, the tooth will be isolated from other parts of the mouth using a rubber dam. An opening will be drilled through the crown to reach the pulp. Using small instruments, your dentist will clean the root canals and shape them for filling later. Antibacterial solutions may be applied to kill any remaining bacteria. After the area has dried, the canals will be filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. The opening will be sealed with a temporary filling. To finish your tooth’s restoration, a permanent crown will be placed over it for protection. A post may be inserted inside the tooth to stabilize the crown if the tooth’s structure cannot hold it.

The number of visits to complete a root canal depends on a lot of factors such as the extent of the infection and your tooth’s anatomy. For such a complex procedure, it is for your best benefit to seek the help of an expert dentist. Dr. Sonia Olivares has a respected background in neuromuscular dentistry, one of the few in Greater Miami. If you are looking for a trusted dentist in South Florida, schedule an appointment with her today at 305-620-8272 or visit

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