Safe Ways To Meet up with an Internet Stranger to Buy or Sell

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A funny thing happened the other day that I can laugh about now, but it got me thinking…what if things had gone differently? Today we buy and sell so many things via Craigslist, Facebook, and other social networking markets that require some type of face-to-face meeting. It’s always good to refresh yourself on these safe ways to meet up with an internet stranger when buying or selling things.

It was a few weeks before Christmas and the only things my five-year-old daughter wanted were two little LOL Surprise Dolls. Like every other ridiculously hot holiday item, these silly toys were sold out both online and in every local store. So I did what every responsible parent does…hop on Craigslist. Viola! There was a person in my city selling exactly what I needed and we arranged to meet in a bank parking lot for the transaction.

You’ve probably experienced these types of meetings before. Personally, my nerves are always a bit on edge not knowing quite who to expect, and my imagination goes into overdrive. That day, I pulled up next to a black SUV, whose windows…

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