Scandi Spiced French Onion Soup

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Enjoy this post from our archives – perfect as autumn sneaks up on us!

This week, Mother Nature decided it was time she brought snow for the Holidays,

and right now is the perfect time to enjoy a lovely bowl of soup; to be more specific, the ubiquitous French Onion soup.

I have, however, decided to give it a Scandinavian twist.

Anise and cardamom spices are prolific in Scandi cooking,  they add warmth to their baked goods much like cinnamon.

With the colder temperatures, I must have been craving this warmth.

Overall, the flavor profile I was going for was a savory, multilayer onion soup

with an added warmth of toasted star anise and cardamom,

a twinge of sweetness from the dessert wine and a salty finish from the melted cheese.

The simplicity of this soup is comforting, although the time involved to caramelize the onions should not be rushed.

It will take about 1 ½ -2 hours.

– before you gasp

The onions thankfully do not need much tending.

In an afternoon, put the pot on, fold laundry – watch a movie and occasionally rotate the onions off the…

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