Solve any Problem – Two Simple Steps to Guide You

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Sometimes I like to immortalize wise words in the 80’s crafting sensation of cross stitch. I currently love, “When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whip It.” That’s also the title of today’s post, “Whip it – 2 Steps to Solve Any Problem.” Anyone can do two steps, right?

Most problems seem bigger than they actually are. When I look at a problem that needs to be solved, I often feel overwhelmed or afraid or just unqualified to tackle it.

For today’s post, I’ll use the example of a recent problem I faced. My lovely children were being big fat selfish jerks and using me as their personal slave. Every day they went to school, leaving a tornado-worthy fallout throughout the house. They dumped out bins looking for stuff and left them scattered everywhere. Clear their own breakfast dishes? Don’t make me laugh.

I decided to largely take time off from writing and other personal pursuits this year to plan my career and really work at getting our house in order. 2017-2018 was supposed to be the year of super mom, fully focused on family and home. When…

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