Strawberry Sesame Smoothie Recipe

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The weather is warming up and strawberries are starting to show their shiny red faces in the markets again! I love this time of year with all of the fresh produce showing back up in the garden and at the market. Lately, we can’t get enough of all the strawberries!

While a good, juicy batch of strawberries is easy enough to just gobble up on their own, we’ve been buying them in such abundance that we can’t always get them eaten before they would go rotten. To prevent waste, I’ve been sticking the fresh strawberries in the freezer for later. There is no such thing as too many strawberries!

To easily freeze fresh strawberries, wash and hull them first, discarding any that are spoiled. Spread the prepared strawberries in a single layer on a large baking sheet. Place them in the freezer until frozen solid, then transfer them to plastic resealable bags or airtight freezer containers.

The best way I know to use all those frozen strawberries is in smoothies! You can have that fresh strawberry taste long after the berries have shriveled on their vines.


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