The BEST Kettle Popcorn Recipe You’ve EVER Had!

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Confession:  I was not a fan of kettle popcorn.  My taste buds were sent into a whirlwind of salt vs sweet and it overwhelmed them…way too much.  I know that is the reason for the kettle corn obsession that my husband and kids love.  They love the wild ride!  Me…not so much.

UNTIL…my hubby made this kettle popcorn in the comfort of our own home.

Seriously the BEST kettle popcorn EVER! You won’t believe how easy this is, too. YUM!

How to Make the Best Kettle Popcorn You’ve Ever Tasted

This picture makes me want to eat this for breakfast.  We did have it last night, the night before and 3 other times last week.

So start out with the 4 ingredients:

Pour 7 tablespoons of sugar into a bowl.  Ya need to be quick when the heat is ready.

Get your popcorn ready too.  2/3 cup.  In a separate bowl.

Put your stove to Med-High.  Add the 5 tablespoons of oil.  Okay, so here is the quick acting part…You will see a puff of smoke come off the pot.  Don’t miss it.   It should happen pretty quickly.    (In the picture above…the smoke was coming…

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