The Fake Bake Effect and 4 Ways To Tan Safer

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I’ll never forget the day my little town got it’s first tanning bed. Teenaged girls and housewives bumped worlds as they awaited their turn inside the glowing vessel in the old video rental store. Our first tanning salon. We all clucked and buzzed as we flipped through VHS videos inside that dingy store and we held our new tanning punch passes tightly. Ten tans for $4 each would get you a free tan at the end. What a bargain!

As I entered the once broom closet, got down to my skivvies, and climbed inside the tanning bed, I marveled at modern day technology. How easy it had become to get a nice healthy glow year round.

Now almost two decades later, I’m dealing with the fake bake effect. Skin that I freely offered up to the sun gods is starting to pucker and change. Years and years of chasing the perfect tan does not come without consequences.

In terms of physiology, any tan is a sign of skin damage. That nice bronze glow is actually your skin’s self-defense mechanism to the harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun and tanning lamps. When…

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