The Secret to Happiness That Only Took 30 Years To Learn

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The word “happiness” has only one simple definition in the dictionary—the state of being happy—but over 40 different synonyms: joy, contentedness, bliss, optimism, and good humor to name a few. This goes to show that we humans all experience happiness differently and the sources of our happiness are significantly diversified. One might experience the happiness a child brings while another might find a similar joy in a beloved pet. You might find happiness in traveling the world while your counterpart finds joy within the walls of home. The fact remains that most of us travelers on this planet are searching for happiness—the long-lasting kind.

Everyone from writers, to political figures, to celebrities have their secrets to happiness. Yours will be different from theirs; mine will be different from yours. But at the heart of man’s search for joy lies one universal bullet point that many of us are missing: being truly happy for others. It only took me over three decades to learn this, but having genuine happiness for others has allowed me to tap into a…

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